About Us

Computer Jagat is the first, leading and highest circulated ICT Magazine in Bangladesh. It has been in existence since May 1991 and playing a pioneer role in contributing to the ICT sector of Bangladesh. We have the resources and experiences to offer quality products and services to the vast domain of IT with innovation and satisfaction of the customers. With our tireless effort, we have been developing a track record of success for the last 19 years nationwide and overseas. We take our pride and prestige by contributing in the development of the ICT domain of a nation since its very beginning.

As the  popularity of using  technologies and internet has been increasing over the last Decades, we realize providing publishing services of an IT Magazine  to  our  clients  is not the last that we can offer. Considering the remarkable opportunity that  internet  of  today can create, we focus on providing web-based solutions and services to our clients worldwide. Thus, Comjagat Technologies takes birth  in 2007.

Internet is one of the most powerful media in the recent world and being used as a virtual media to connect people from all around the globe. It is even better than traditional electronic media (e.g., radio, television) in the sense that communications can be placed in multiple ways at the same time. Comjagat Technologies intends to create a virtual world using this virtual media, bringing people together from different cultures and backgrounds sharing similar interests and play a vital role in the ICT movement in the country as well as worldwide.

Comjagat Technologies has a group of highly dedicated professionals who are continuously working to provide top quality service to its clients. As business world has become highly competitive, clients arrive with requirements on time constraints. We need to satisfy our clients on their demands in a cost effective manner. Hence, we hire professionals from a wide range  of  backgrounds-  technology,  business,  multimedia and liberal arts to put a collective effort in serving our customers.

Comjagat Technologies is engaged in multiple dimensions of projects and activities. Over the past few years, we have been working in various small, medium and large scale projects with several government and private institutions in Bangladesh. We work in collaboration with ministries, educational organizations and private companies. We continuously thrive on success and attempt to reach out every corner of the country as well as the world.