Social Media


Easiest way to reach your message or event / seminar / workshop / ceremony / program through social media platform like Facebook / YouTube / Twitter / Website to anyone/ target audience. Our 9 Years experienced live team would fulfill client’s dreams and broadcast whole/required program professionally.


High Quality Streaming

We deliver high-quality, smooth videos by multi-bitrate and multi frames (60fps /30fps) on live streaming consistently like 1080p Full HD or 720p HD Quality. We can stream Live up to 4k Upscale.

Unlimited Viewers

There is no limit on how many viewers can watch your events at the same time. Our cloud based streaming server can be scaled to accommodate any number of viewers.

Add on Service

We can add Company Logo, Scroll Text, Lower Third Animation, TVC, AV Promo Clip, Score Board for Sports, Banner Image, PowerPoint Presentation, Countdown Timer, NCS Music, Notice Board Feature etc. We can set scheduled Live and low latency real time broadcast.

Device Responsive

Reach your audience on the web or mobile devices including Windows, Mac, iOS and Android (Phone, Tab) with simultaneous RTMP and HLS outputs.

Parallel Multiple Platform

Live can be broadcasted simultaneously from Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Website (including Custom RTMP supported Platform).

Technical Support

We are committed to ensuring the best customer experience for our customers at all times. Our customer service portfolio goes beyond standard technical support, offering in-depth Video Editing, project customization, round-the-clock support and more.



15000 BDT
  • Including One HD Camera
  • 4 Hours Streaming
  • Watch from Facebook page/ group/ profile or Website


50000 BDT
  • Including Four HD Cameras
  • Switcher panel
  • 6 Hours Streaming
  • Broadcast Using Broadband internet
  • Watch from Website and Facebook page/ group/ profile
  • Watch from Twitter and Youtube channel


25000 BDT
  • Including Two Cameras and Switcher panel
  • Switcher panel
  • 6 Hours Streaming
  • Watch from Facebook page/ group/ profile
  • Watch from Youtube channel