Live conferencing refers to the live streaming of the interactive audio and video presentations, lectures, meetings and seminars to the global audience with the help of number of cameras and conferencing equipment. Such equipment lets business connect and coordinate with remote work places located in different regions, engage then in productive real time discussions, and individual or group responses. Such virtual interactions may involve quarterly financial reports between stakeholders or shareholders and their customers, simultaneous lectures in and off classroom between instructor and students, interactive official meetings or even remote patient monitoring, all at real time.


Video Broadcast

We provide video setting option from where the viewers can watch videos of any resolution depending on their bandwidth availability.

If the client demands then we can broadcast the event through our Facebook and YouTube page.

Presentation Module

We provide presentation slides to the viewers as the presenter demonstrates during the event in real time.

Chat Feature

We provide Chat Module which allows the users to ask questions directly to the presenters when the question and answer session starts.

Assessable Device

We provide a specific links through which users can join the live events through laptops, desktops, tabs and mobile phones.

Archive Option

After the live event we will archive this program within maximum 48 hours and the user can watch the video along with the slides with the same link provided to them.

In the archived session using our Presenter’s Slot the viewers can select the presenters they want to listen to.

According to the client’s preference the Chat Module can be either hidden or shown in the archived version.


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60000 BDT
  • Integrates One HD Cameras
  • One Hours conferencing support using gocon solution
  • Watch from gocon platfrom
  • limited user can login
  • 3 months archive


150000 BDT
  • Integrates Two HD Cameras
  • Switcher panel
  • Mini sound system with 5 micphones
  • Studio lighting setup
  • 2 Hours conferencing support using gocon solution
  • Broadcast using Broadband internet
  • Watch from gocon platfrom
  • Facebook promotion
  • Unlimited user can login
  • One year archive