Digitally Business Meeting, Annual General Meeting (AGM) Service Provider

Digitally Business Meeting, Annual General Meeting (AGM) Service Provider

GOCON AGM is definitely one of the best available digitally Business Meeting, Annual General Meeting (AGM) solutions right now. The great thing about GOCON AGM is that they allow you to host on your website, Facebook, YouTube or other social media or you can choose to host in their default cloud server. The GOCON AGM service is customizable with company’s own branding.

GOCON AGM, Virtual AGM Solution COVID – 19 and Virtual AGM the necessary reality

The web conferencing feature also includes a recording features of whole Business Meeting, Annual General Meeting (AGM). It has also allowed participants, investors, shareholders to join with desktop, laptop, mobile or any other digital devices simply using their browser.  GOCON AGM also provides specific application for mobile & desktop user. However, it can hold with an unlimited number of participants, investors, shareholders. And the most interesting is there are no time limit.

Depending on your business structure, you are most likely required by law to hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM) once every year. It is also an opportunity to highlight the achievements of past year to the investors (or shareholders). However, a physical AGMs cost a large amount of money but virtual AGM is cheaper. According to an online survey virtual AGM is 85% cost effective. It also less time consuming.

Also, in this pandemic situation WHO advice to avoid large gathering at one place and to maintain social distancing for holding AGM there are no way without virtual AGM.


Benefits of GOCON AGM solution


  • GOCON AGM offering participants, investors, shareholders the opportunity to participate digitally means they can attend from anywhere. This feature making the meeting much more accessible.
  • Participants (investors, shareholders) and the Board of Directors don’t need to travel that’s why it’s able to saves time and money for both directors & participants.
  • By replacing analogue paper voting convert to digital voting, the process means more transparent, more time consuming with immediate results shown to participants with a complete statistic & report.
  • GOCON AGM’s technology enables sophisticated questions and answers and announcements to ensure shareholders can keep the board accountable.
  • Digital Business Meeting, Annual General Meeting (AGM) means you can invite more people to participate without any boundaries.

Success Story:

Grameenphone Ltd., Bangladesh’s largest cellular network company, held a virtual AGM on 21th April 2020. It is first time in history the company have moved its annual general meeting (AGM) to a digital platform with the solution GOCON AGM.

23rd Grameenphone GP AGM
Top Grameenphone (GP) officials virtually conduct its 23rd annual general meeting


We have used GOCON AGM solution to organize first virtual AGM of Grameenphone Limited in history. It was a great experience, thanks to team GOCON & ComJagat Technologies.

• Hasanur Rahman Rakib – General Manager (Secretary), Grameenphone Ltd.



Thanks team GOCON & ComJagat Technologies, we have successfully done our 37th AGM & EGM. We liked their serivce too much.

• Md. Rabiul Hossain – Managing Director, Uttara Bank Ltd.


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