GOCON’s complete solution for Virtual AGM – GOCON AGM

GOCON’s complete solution for Virtual AGM – GOCON AGM

GOCON AGM – A necessary reality

GOCON AGM is the best solution for the virtual AGM. The system also provides webcast integration, members/shareholders subjects to ensuring proper protective measures during the meeting, ensuring voting and other rights of shareholder as well as speaker queuing, and even handheld microphones for in-room attendees.

Why choose GOCON AGM ?

GOCON AGM’s focus, and more than 12 years’ experience in supporting legislative meetings around the world, has resulted in the creation of an easily configurable platform. This flexibility allows us to provide instant, transparent, audit-able results for an AGM.

LIVE WEBCASTING benefit, Virtual Agm

Unbeatable Features & Benefits Virtual AGM

  • Live Polling/Voting Feature
  • Live Question & Answer Feature
  • Instant feedback, Rating
  • High Definition Video Support
  • Unlimited Online Participant
  • Secured Authentication System

Live high quality video and audio give the real meeting, event presence environment.

To increase attendance, virtual AGM can be used as a way of making attendance much easier for those people.

From registrations through to results, a variety of reports and a full audit trail are produced automatically.

live votes cast and the results are available to display instantly

Secured authentication with unique ID for Individual & Company Representative 

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