GOCON helps businesses & organizations bring their stakeholders together

GOCON helps businesses & organizations bring their stakeholders together

GOCON helps businesses and organizations bring their stakeholders together in a frictionless environment to get more done. Our easy, reliable cloud platform for realtime video, voice and chat-based virtual conferencing solutions runs across mobile devices and desktops. GOCON is a sister concern of Comjagat Technologies, one if the leading publishing media house of the country, delivering cutting-edge Information Technology Solutions for the Government, Financial Institutions and Multivendor Corporates, have long experience in providing business-critical e-Banking solutions, electronic distance. Headquartered in Dhaka, Bangladesh.


During the AGM, shareholders are able to give their feedback and comment in the chatbox which all the attendees are able to see.


Stakeholders are able to send a 2-minute voice note directly to the board member during the AGM without any interference.


The AGM broadcast is saved for 24 hours after the event, A shareholder is able to access it if they were unable to attend the AGM on time.


GOCON AGM supports multiple speakers from different locations as well as also possible to delegate roles for every speaker. Delegation of in-meeting roles ensures the meeting is organized.


Voting is a compulsory action for an AGM, with GOCON’s virtual AGM platform solution board members, stakeholders are able to vote in realtime and in a more organized accurate way.


An intuitive Q&A feature facilitates shareholder engagement. The participants have adequate time to ask their questions and review the answers. This is available before, during, and after the meeting.


If a stakeholder is unable to attend, in this case, the stakeholder can give access to another individual to attend in their place. The management of proxy forms and voting rights improve administrative tasks and delivers a seamless meeting experience.


Facilitate seamless and fuss-free shareholder registration and collection of AGM-related information in one integrated platform. GOCON AGM platform has state of the art and robust security measures. Backed by regular third-party testing to screen for vulnerabilities.


Compiling polls and minutes of proceedings helps keep records available for internal and external audits. Attendee meeting data collected at registration and exported to excel.


Depending on the requirement of a company, 100 to 50,000 participants, investors, shareholders can join at a time using GOCON AGM.

Additionally, the cost of virtual shareholder meetings is often far less than in-person meetings. The technology is often comparable to what is already required for in-person meetings, and travel and venue costs are eliminated entirely.

Lastly, virtual meetings can actually be more engaging than in person. Procedures for voting, raising a concern and asking questions are often clearer, and high-quality virtual AGM platform like GOCON is facile and enjoyable to use. Users usually cite an increase in engagement for virtual AGM that follows these best practices.


“ At first, I was very skeptical about the virtual AGM event But seeing GOCON team carry out the event so smoothly, I and our shareholders were extremely impressed. We wish more success for Comjagat Technologies Limited. ”

Sajjad Yahya

– CEO, Paramount Insurance

We have arranged our AGM virtually for the first time in history of BRAC Bank for this pandemic situation, it was a great experience.

Our First time virtual AGM went very well as all of our shareholders were able to join the event including the shareholders who were abroad. We were able to be very efficient in terms of time  and cost. Comjagat Technologies Limited gave us a very good service as the clarity of voice and video was high.”

Rais Uddin Ahmad

– Company Secretary, Brac Bank


“ All of our shareholders were able to join the event from abroad and Bangladesh. We would definitely recommend Comjagat Technologies Limited when it comes to conduct a virtual AGM event”

Mohammad Jobayer Alam

– Head of Strategic Planning and treasury, IDLC Finance limited

Grameenphone ltd., Bangladesh’s largest cellular network company, held a virtual AGM on 21st April 2020

We have used GOCON AGM solution to organize first virtual AGM of Grameenphone Limited in history. It was a great experience, thanks to team GOCON & ComJagat Technologies.

  • Hasanur Rahman Rakib

General Manager (Secretary),  Grameenphone Ltd.

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