Virtual Events Platform – Boost Revenue & Meet Targets

Virtual Events Platform – Boost Revenue & Meet Targets

What are Virtual Event Platforms?

Virtual event platforms are the solutions potentially combining hardware software and service wing to bring certain events to distributor login virtual event platforms that may include the broadcast infrastructure to support live streams, webcasting, and tools to provide interactivity and means to keep audiences engaged during the event.

In a virtual event platform, it includes event registration, features to increase marketing outreach lead character, and smartphone to capture audience feedback or provide interactivity and convenience for the audiences on the go.

Let’s say if you have to cancel in person compensation events do you think it’s a disaster or an opportunity?


No need to feel negative emotions. Always remember necessity is the mother of invention, with the current Technology now canceling events is not an issue rather now we have the means to take those events online, where there is no chance of canceling it or facing any kind of interruptions for the audience.


The recent covid-19 outbreak has caused many organizations to experiment with new revenue sources and engagement Strategies for their events.

They have been thinking if they should shift their traditional event to a virtual platform permanently and the new strategies revolving around these virtual event platforms shouldn’t be discarded after the crisis of crisis is over.

It can be noticed that these virtual event solutions actually provide a sustainable approach to diversifying new ways to conduct events. It also creates a strong bond between the audience and the people who are creating the events.


Virtual Events Platform - Boost Revenue & Meet Targets

Increase your revenue

Virtual events expand your potential market. You can now offer an event experience to people who didn’t have money or means to come to your physical events, such as:

  • Participants whole personal income doesn’t have the budget to attend an event by traveling somewhere distant
  • Individuals interns young professionals who do not have the means for the ability to incur the expenses of traveling for sharing accommodation cost
  • Parents and caretakers
  • People that find traveling up hectic or do not have the time to travel in order to attend an event
  • For individuals who live far away in a different continent for them, it is unreasonable to cover that much amount of distance in order to attend an event.

Virtual AGM Solution

Give Sponsors value while achieving your goals

One of the setbacks of shifting from physical to virtual events is A loss of sponsorships and other sources of revenue. But, this doesn’t have to be the case.

You can talk to your sponsors and revenue partners and plan a way out for earning revenue together. The process can start by asking about their goals.  Listening to their ideas and discussing a way to work together in order to meet the goals and finding a way to boost the revenue.

 You have to be open to ways of doing things more differently. Usually, sponsors are not satisfied with having their logo on the website or on a virtual event platform.

 In this case, you have to be extra creative and find a way to give the sponsors value. When you give them proper value, sponsors will become more attracted to the event and might not cancel the sponsorship for this.

You need to find what the sponsors are looking for and in what way you can give them the value they need. This is the key to keep the sponsor satisfied and willing to work with you in long term for future events.

Sponsored activities

Well, there are innumerous opportunities to increase brand awareness of a specific sponsor.

Just to give you an example by displaying the sponsor logos on the screen between sessions or sudden pop-ups in the breaks and even arranging contest posts, quizzes with their name on the screen.

GOCON LIVE provides lots of options for attendee interaction with each other and with sponsors and exhibitors.

Giving Q&A sessions with session speakers, discussions, sending voice notes, and giving interactive voice note feedback.

GOCON’s complete solution for Virtual AGM – GOCON AGM

How can you attract sponsors for your virtual event?

By offering sponsored content opportunities to your mid-level sponsors or with potential sponsors.  Allow them a trial session where they can share their expertise.

Make sure they know what return they will get and how they can use your platform in order to get more traction for their business. You can also reach out to your sponsors to teach the audience about a skill. Sponsors would rather create value for their potential consumers than to sell. So, that should create more value for both ends.

If you don’t have room for their session at your virtual conference, repurpose it into a live and on-demand sponsored webinar using video conferencing systems like GOCON Live, Zoom, GoToWebinar, or On24.

The Key to conduct successful events consistently

You can reuse a small portion of the sponsor’s videos in future events for marketing purposes. Make sure to see if there are any recordings that fit into the criteria for the existing event or the upcoming events.

 Always think about sponsorship opportunities beyond the virtual event. For example, you can create a playlist of sponsored videos of the organizations.

You can also publish other sponsored content such as post articles. What this will do is, create value for the audience and this would also impress the sponsors as they will get more than they have expected.

By posting the previous content and promoting it again, Will give more traction to the sponsor. The sponsored would automatically be impressed by this and will be eager to work with you in the future. This will result in them coming back to you and offering you a higher amount of sponsorship for the virtual event in the future.

Benefits of a Virtual event platform

When you put your event into a digital platform, at that moment you automatically increase the advantage of conducting the virtual event. As everything becomes more digital, and a lot of factors of conducting the event physically eliminate.

In an in-person event, meeting, or conference,  it becomes hard to study the participants. Whereas, when the event is carried out digitally it becomes much easier to understand the pattern and observe how the participants behave and interact.

Some of the benefits of conducting an event on a virtual event platform are :

  • Sessions attended or watched
  • How long attendees stayed in sessions
  • Breakout rooms visited
  • Poll and survey responses
  • Chat/discussion topics and questions asked
  • Links clicked
  • Resources downloaded

One can collect the demographic data as usual, such as their location, age, specialty, background, interests so on. All of this information could be used for arranging a more successful event.

You can also integrate this data into modeling successful programs. So, you can guide participants along engagement paths after the event.

Plus, sponsors will be impressed and value this data as it will assure them about the exact amount of traction they will get from the sponsorship.

Whenever our world goes to the next normal, one positive legacy of this time will be the addition of virtual and hybrid events to your association’s programming mix. Virtual events provide new opportunities for generating revenue and engaging members and customers who can’t attend physical events.

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