Bangladesh first Virtual, hybrid & digital AGM platform – GOCON AGM

Bangladesh first Virtual, hybrid & digital AGM platform – GOCON AGM

GOCON has expertise in the webcasting industry with over 12 years of experience.  Facilitating over 1000+ live streams.

With the recent outbreak of COVID-19, The pandemic has taught the world that it needs to be prepared for any kind of sudden crisis. For a company, AGM is one of the most vital events for the company. Under any circumstances causing the AGM to stop is a matter of huge concern for the stakeholders of the company.


Whether you’re a shareholder or the company management team, Virtual AGM is the key solution for major problems that mostly occur during arranging and conducting the AGM.

Problems like shareholders not being able to attend the meeting, venue setup hassles and spending a huge chunk of money on the venue, Post cleanup of the event, extra costs on food, and other attractions. Virtual AGM eliminates all of these problems from the scenario and provides a way to conduct smoothly from any place. Saving to travel to the venue.

The common solutions like Webinar or normal video conferencing solutions are usually not enough, especially looking at their auditing capabilities. That is why Virtual AGM Platforms are necessary because of the features and convenience they are able to provide.

Bangladesh first Virtual, hybrid & digital AGM platform – GOCON AGM
Bangladesh first Virtual, hybrid & digital AGM platform – GOCON AGM


They can vote or raise any concern while the live AGM by this there is less room for any kind of hassle or problem of understanding many people talking at once. With the virtual AGM, the concerns, queries, and everything else are shown in a more systematic way and the management can analyze the situation more effectively.

Virtual AGM has become more of a necessary option for the company especially during these times of pandemic, where if you were to conduct it in avenue then would’ve been a requirement of the socially distant sitting arrangement, providing necessary hygiene measures, the requirement for a small number of members for the gathering.

GOCON gives solutions to all of these problems that organizations have to face due to pandemic or any kind of crisis. GOCON is the first virtual AGM platform in Bangladesh that has served over 25+ well-established organizations.

What are virtual and hybrid AGMs?

Virtual AGM is when the AGM event is carried out by a digital platform, Any user is able to access the meeting from any electronic device from any place.  Hybrid AGM has a physical location for a meeting but it’s up to the shareholders to make a decision whether they want to be physically present in the venue or join virtually.

In both cases, shareholders are able to do the regular activities that are required for the event, which includes casting their votes in real-time and ask questions. In efforts to save costs, however, some companies have elected to conduct hybrid AGMs this year using a webcast with Comjagat Technologies Limited which offers GOCON AGM an interactive technology platform, which enables the shareholders to do all the activities that they normally do in an AGM.

Bangladesh first Virtual, hybrid & digital AGM platform - GOCON AGM
Bangladesh first Virtual, hybrid & digital AGM platform – GOCON AGM

Advantages of the virtual AGM

In addition to being a viable option in times of crisis and travel limitation. Virtual AGM platforms present a number of benefits to aid organizations that adopt them. Firstly, virtual AGM presents enhanced accessibility options, allowing attendees to access the meeting on any device and in a manner that best suits their needs. The inclusivity makes the meeting more effective by engaging all of the shareholders, not just those who can comfortably attend in-person events.

Lastly, virtual meetings can actually be more engaging than in person. Procedures for voting, raising a concern, and asking questions are often clearer, and high-quality virtual AGM platform like GOCON is facile and enjoyable to use. Users usually cite an increase in engagement for virtual AGM that follows these best practices.  More Benefits are as follows :

  • Broader Reach:  With GOCON AGM, more shareholders are able to attend this includes the shareholders who were always unable to attend the physical event due to travel cost or lack of space.


  • Time Utilization: Travel and meeting planning is time-consuming and stressful. Taking the event online helps to save a lot of time in terms of organizing, pre-booking venue, and traveling.


  • Advance Preparation: Virtual AGM allows shareholders to submit private comments with moderation options which enable companies to manage the meeting how they would like.


  • More accurate and organized: The voting count is more organized and results are instant, This gives more clarity for the shareholders and the administration of the organization.


  • Instant Feedback: Shareholders are able to give comments on the topic of discussion and are even able to give a private 2-minute voice note to the board members. This allows the users to keep discretion and in order.


  • Tech-oriented approach: Shareholders want updates and assurance from the company they are invested in without extra effort. Virtual meetings are a subtle way to show shareholders that you are willing to cater to their needs in every way possible regardless of any crisis.


Why should you choose GOCON AGM for your organization?

GOCON AGM - Virtual AGM & Investor communications platform

  • VOTING – Voting is a compulsory action for an AGM, with GOCON’s virtual AGM platform solution board members, stakeholders are able to vote in realtime and in a more organized accurate way.


  • REAL-TIME COMMENT – During the AGM, shareholders are able to give their feedback and comment in the chatbox which all the attendees are able to see.


  • VOICE NOTE COMMENT – Stakeholders are able to send a 2-minute voice note directly to the board member during the AGM without any interference.


  • PROXY ENTRY – If a stakeholder is unable to attend, in this case, the stakeholder can give access to another individual to attend in their place. The management of proxy forms and voting rights improve administrative tasks and delivers a seamless meeting experience.




  • 24 HOUR POST AGM ACCESS – The AGM broadcast is saved for 24 hours after the event, A shareholder is able to access it if they were unable to attend the AGM on time.


  • REPORTING AND DATA EXPORTS –  Compiling polls and minutes of proceedings helps keep records available for internal and external audits. Attendee meeting data collected at registration and exported to excel.


  • LIVE QUESTION & ANSWER –  An intuitive Q&A feature facilitates shareholder engagement. The participants have adequate time to ask their questions and review the answers. This is available before, during, and after the meeting.


  • HIGHLY SECURED SYSTEM – Facilitate seamless and fuss-free shareholder registration and collection of AGM-related information in one integrated platform. GOCON AGM platform has state of the art and robust security measures. Backed by regular third-party testing to screen for vulnerabilities.

  • INVESTORS, SHAREHOLDER – Depending on the requirement of a company, 100 to 50,000 participants, investors, shareholders can join at a time using GOCON AGM.


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