Secure video conferencing for AGM

Secure video conferencing for AGM

During the lockdown, the whole lot that could switch online did go online, included annual meetings, where organizations switched their traditional in-person annual meetings to a hybrid (a mix of in-person) or virtual (online-only) AGMs.

For conferences that require security as a priority, our Gocon Live AGM provides the highest security level as possible as our team of experts can connect your list of participants one-by-one and monitor the conference for you whether over the phone or via our service.

“Video Conferencing Security for Businesses Isn’t a New Issue, It Just Came Into Focus”

The grandiose majority of AGM’s will need to utilize the technology in order to hold their meetings. Expectantly, the technology won’t be too perplexing; however, it is still a new thing you must keep track of (on top of everything else!). With everything going on, it can be nice to have someone in place to take an obligation to facilitate the online experience. Gocon Live AGM Team is always available to assist.

Remote technologies used for producing virtual meetings should provide high-level security for attendees, including secure network connection.

“Owing to the fact that the main objective during AGMs is voting on critical company decisions, virtual AGM platforms employ sturdy security measures. Appropriate authentication and access control rules keep unauthorized third-parties from obtaining access to sensitive data and interfering with proceedings.”

The CLS Blue Sky Blog published an article and wrote, “Communication and IT firms lead the way in virtual meeting adoption.

While virtual meetings have increased across sectors, our analysis showed no significant difference between S&P 500 companies and the rest of the Russell 3000. While most industries have seen year-over-year increases in the format, the Information Technology and Communications Services sectors have led the way. As discussed above, a range of factors goes into choosing a meeting format. For IT and Communications Services companies, being ahead on technology trends reflects their core business. It’s unsurprising to find a higher prevalence of virtual meeting adopters in this group.”

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