Top 10 best digital virtual AGM (or business meetings) platform

Top 10 best digital virtual AGM (or business meetings) platform

The Online industry is going faster than ever in recent times. Especially after the pandemic, All the companies have been forced to conduct their actives, meetings, and events digitally. This opened the door for the organization to do all the tasks more efficiently, instantaneously, and accurately along with full transparency.

As in-person events are a strict no-no in the times of the Covid- 19, virtual events or AGM solutions are here to solve that problem. virtual business meetings have become a go-to solution for organizing multi-session events and Annual AGM for a company.

There are a lot of differences between the Video call platforms and virtual AGM platforms, the biggest difference being the physical venue to conduct the event, preparing for the event. Attendees can easily get access to a virtual event from a remote location, without having to commute to a venue.

Top 10 best digital virtual AGM (or business meetings) platform

One can qualify as a virtual AGM hosting platform, if it covers the following:

– An event being fully functional digitally along with all the factors that are required in the event.

– Scope for scalability according to the size, quality, and structure of the events.

– It should allow networking and integrate attendee engagement features such as Q&A, live polling, etc.

–  Compiling polls and minutes of proceedings helps keep records available for internal and external audits. Attendee meeting data collected at registration and exported to excel.

-Providing technical assistance to the host and the attendees before and during the event.

– Provide cybersecurity and protect the personal information of the attendees.

Following are the top 10 organizations locally and internationally that offer amazing  services to organize AGM on the virtual platform:



GOCON AGM has expertise in the webcasting industry with over 12 years of experience.  Facilitating over 1000+ live streams. They have served over 25+ organizations to conduct their AGM. Some of the Keys Features of GOCON AGM :

  • Facilitate online participation for shareholders via organization
  • Virtual AGM helping all users to tune in from anywhere
  • Real-time voting facility and instant results which helps to make decisions quickly.
  • Digital administration of proxies
  • Meeting roles. Delegation of in-meeting roles ensures the meeting is organized
  • Live question-answer platform for all attendees engagement
  • A voice note of 2 minutes can be sent directly to the board member without any hassle
  • Portal generates a detailed audit trail report
  • 24-hour access to the platform after the event, in order for a user to watch it, in case they missed the event.
  • Data exports for administrations
  • Up to 50,000 participants can join at a time
  • User list for attendance tracking

 Kalowala and Associates

 Kalolwala & Associates has decided to partner with Eventify – with its platform offering seamless integration capabilities with Zoom, Webinarjam, Microsoft Teams, and Cisco Webex. A company can select any of this software, set up their AGM session(s) on it, and then integrate the live sessions on the platform.



Q4 is dedicated to helping clients translate the same energy, enthusiasm, and thoughtful engagement of physical events, to their online video streamed events. Dedicated Q4 Events Managers collaborate with you to plan and produce a virtual event that is customized to your business objectives and corporate vision


The AGMs of most companies in the UK (like in several other countries) run on Lumi’s technology, whether that be a physical meeting with poll cards, voting keypads, or online as well as mobile or indeed a combination of any of those formats, the so-called hybrid AGM.

Globibo EPS

Globibo EPS is a Software and Hardware integrated event management platform. From the pre-event to post-event, GlobiApp covers all the processes and components of the event. The platform can be used for any type of event like Virtual Meetings, Congresses, Conferences, Corporate Events, Marathons, Music concerts,  Networking events, and many more. It also supports full customization of mobile app and Website themes.

For Virtual AGMs, Globibo offers a lot of unique features like live streaming of multiple videos, audience engagement activities, audience responses, integrated voting & audit, registration, participant tracking, content management, and many more.


Social Live is constantly helping businesses cope with the Covid-19 outbreak by providing remote video solutions for teams. Socialive remote video solutions cover the wide range of meetings that can be conducted remotely like:

  • Virtual Events: Live stream keynotes & panels on social & owned channels
  • Executive Comms: Deliver video messages from leadership into internal platforms12
  • Town Halls: Conduct organization-wide meetings remotely
  • Digital Career Fairs: Host recruitment info sessions & engage candidates online
  • Corporate Comms: Stay connected with customers through authentic video content


With EQS you can organize your meetings digitally. EQA can support you – in close cooperation with your AGM service provider – in conducting an online AGM that meets all legal requirements. It supports the following features:

  • Digital voting and proxy authorization (optionally also by postal vote)
  • Video and audio broadcast of the entire AGM
  • Online q&a tool, for shareholder questions also during the annual general meeting (optional)


Polyas provides an online voting platform for Virtual AGMs. One can Combine Online, Postal, and In-person Voting at AGMs Polyas election experts can take care of all of the organizational aspects of your election, from sending out login credentials via post or email to the creation of postal voting documents. While online elections are significantly cheaper, faster, and far less hassle, they are not always allowed in corporate bylaws.


With Tamplo you can set up efficient meetings online. On Tamplo Virtual AGM you can invite key members & other contributors. It allows you to choose the topics to be discussed in a few clicks and allow your team access to the collaborative agenda. Apart from this, it allows you to share files to be reviewed before the meeting


As emerging technology is leaving its mark on this sphere, it can render meetings less of a burden and can help with managing the entire process. ptl Virtual AGM software is having a range of functions such as integrating proxy voting data with scalable electronic voting for instant polling results and experienced technicians on hand who can support these legislative meetings, PTL can develop a solution that is right for your meeting.

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