Choosing the Best digital meeting platform for Your Organization
Choosing the Best digital meeting platform for Your Organization

Choosing the Best digital meeting platform for Your Organization

After the recent COVID 19 situation, Companies worldwide had to shift their AGM meetings to Virtual AGM meetings online. Picking the right virtual AGM platform for your organization might be difficult but if you follow the right guide then pick your digital meeting platform will become one of the easiest and stress-free work ever.

To help you navigate the decision-making process, here are points to consider when selecting a virtual or electronic AGM solution.

Price Range

For organizations choosing the Virtual AGM solutions, the efficiency and price of the solution is one of the biggest determiners. A lot of features of the solution make up the price of the solution, also the factors like features, security, and meeting capacity.

That is why before looking for Virtual AGM solutions, you need to analyze what features and services you are looking for in your meeting.

After knowing your AGM requirements it will be easier for you to look for the solution that best fits your requirements. Tailored solution helps to avoid a situation of overpaying for a solution with features that you won’t require for your meeting.  This will help with cutting extra costs.


“ Our First time virtual AGM went very well as all of our shareholders were able to join the event including the shareholders who were abroad. We were able to be very efficient in terms of time and cost. GOCON AGM gave us a very good service as the clarity of voice and video was high.”

Rais Uddin Ahmad, Company Secretary – BRAC Bank Limited 

The Features

An AGM solution should help in meaningful and efficient management of discussion through a set of features of the solution. Different organizations have different needs for their AGMs But there are few AGM key features that are universally useful such as

  • Q&A. An intuitive Q&A feature facilitates shareholder engagement. The question platform—where the participants have adequate time to formulate their questions and review the answers—should be available before, during, and after the meeting. Solutions like GOCON AGM support a two-way interactive video to better facilitate live question and answer sessions.
  • The voting feature is crucial for making decisions and storing a compliant record of the voting. Check whether your organization needs a solution that can facilitate live voting.
  • Reporting and data exports. Compiling polls and minutes of proceedings helps keep records available for internal and external audits.
  • User list. An interactive user list makes it easier to track attendance for record-keeping.
  • Digital administration of proxies. The management of proxy forms and voting rights improve administrative tasks and delivers a seamless meeting experience.
  • Meeting roles. Delegation of in-meeting roles ensures the meeting is organized.



To further increase attendee participation and engagement, the AGM solution should be easily accessible via a number of platforms and devices. While holding the virtual meeting, It needs to be made sure that mobile versions of the AGM are easy to use and understandable.


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BRAC Bank Limited, Bangladesh’s other most valuable bank, held its 21st annual general meeting (AGM) virtually by using the digital platform GOCON AGM on Thursday, 25th June 2020. It was promised to be a much better affair with GOCON AGM virtual business meetings & events platform that can log more than 1000 shareholders from different locations around the world.

The Security Factor

To protect the organizations from unauthorized third parties accessing the meeting or breach in information changing, An online AGM platform should make sure their solution is fully secured and tested before and screened for any kind of possible vulnerabilities. Given below are compulsory features that keep the meetings secure:

  • Two-factor authentication
  • Tools detecting and preventing intrusion
  • Secure cloud environment for data storage



Technical Support

To have external tech support during and before meeting ensures that any kind of sudden technical problems will be solved promptly. Also, conveniently available tech support reduces possible time loss caused by fixing any kind of sudden disruption

Tech support should also be easily available for attendees in case they would like to troubleshoot ahead of the meeting.

GOCON AGM provides amazing live technical support on the day of the AGM. This satisfies the clients even more


The rules governing annual general meetings are different for every country and region. The government ruling requirements that need to be met for organizations to hold a virtual AGM. That is why it is vital to inspect what kind of solution qualifies as being viable for online AGM. The Virtual Agm solution should allow participants to communicate instantaneously with each other.

While choosing your Virtual AGM solution, you need to check for solutions that align with the regulations required to conduct GM in our country. To ensure transparency and facilitate auditioning, consider solutions that employ data exports, and real-time display of voting results and Q&A sessions.

Meeting Capacity

While choosing the virtual AGM solution, You need to keep in mind the number of shareholders and board members that will be present and whether the solution will accommodate all. The AGM Solution should be able to run smoothly with the number of participants present.50,000

While choosing a provider, you should ask the provider about the meeting limit to ensure the solution has the necessary capacity. Always keep in mind that, The virtual AGM platform needs to have the capacity to host all the participants regardless of the number of attendees.

“All of our shareholders were able to join the event from abroad and Bangladesh. We would definitely recommend GOCON AGM when it comes to conduct a virtual AGM event

Mohammad Jobayer Alam
– Head of Strategic Planning and treasury, IDLC Finance limited

Boosting Participation rate through The Best Virtual AGM

A virtual AGM solution facilitates AGM meetings online. For the majority of the organizations, the adoption of new technology has become compulsory to conduct business. After the pandemic, all the organization had to become adaptable to digitalization, even the companies who were hesitant to embrace the digitalization. Most companies have noticed a double increase in their AGM participation after switching their AGM into virtual AGM. As now it became more convenient for the shareholders to attend the virtual AGM than physical AGM. Therefore, a secure, convenient, and reliable AGM platform is critical to conduct the meeting successfully. The factor that needs to be considered before making the decision to implement AGM Solution are Cost estimations, Features of the solution, Viability of the solution, Security and the support system to choose the best tool that responds to the company’s needs.

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For a smooth Virtual AGM experience. GOCON AGM offers the most effective, seamless, and secured solution for a company’s virtual meeting needs. GOCON AGM has given their AGM Solutions to 26+ organizations so far with a 100% success rate and positive feedback from all the clients.

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